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Course: Math 1513

Instructor: Rob Wylie

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Course: MATH 1513


Fax: 918.647.1201

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Course Description This course is a continuation of what is covered in Intermediate Algebra. The course begins with a general overview of Algebra skills needed to be successful in the remainder of the course. Linear and non-linear equations as well as inequalities and their graphs will be covered. Polynomial, rational, exponential, and logarithmic functions will be covered in depth.

Student Learning Outcomes (SLO's):

1. Identify quantities and changes in quantities in mathematical representations, and distinguish constants from variables.

2. Compute and interpret constant and average rates of change of quantities in multiple representations.

3. Create models for real‐world situations through appropriate mathematical strategies.

4. Interpret functions and convert between their representations, including symbols, tables, graphs, and words.

5. Algebraically solve equations including linear, quadratic, polynomial, rational, radical, absolute value, exponential, and logarithmic.

6. Algebraically solve inequalities including linear, quadratic, polynomial, rational, and absolute value.

7. Solve systems of linear and non‐linear equations.

 8. Perform operations on functions and identify the properties and characteristics of functions. Such properties and characteristics include domain and range, increasing and decreasing, one‐to‐one, inverses, even and odd, end behavior, relative extrema, and vertical and horizontal asymptotes.

9. Identify and sketch graphs of functions including linear, polynomial, absolute value, rational, radical, piecewise functions, exponential, logarithmic, and use transformations of basic graphs


The following grade scale will be used to determine a letter grade:

90% - 100% > A

80% - 89% > B

70% - 79% > C

60% - 69% > D

Below 60% > F

Internet and other related learning activities

Your activity while logged into this course is something I will monitor to see if you are viewing instructional materials and interacting with the software appropriately. You will need to spend the same time online reading and studying instructional material and additional time off the computer doing homework as if this were a traditional in classroom course. Your success in this class depends on your effort. Even though you are not in the classroom you will have to discipline yourself as if you were. Additional software available and is very good for working trigonometry problems is Mathxpert. This software is available free of charge in our Learning Resource Center so you can contact them at (918)647-1316. Free tutoring is available along with collections of videos.

Homework: The amount and frequency of homework for this class is comparable to the traditional courses taught on campus. The homework is completely online via mymathlab.  Each homework  sections must get completed by the calendar test dates. See calendar continually for dates to begin on each section and their due dates as well as test availability dates.*

You may work on homework after the posted due dates up until the tests that is over those sections.  On test dates I will download the scores and record in official gradebook and then the scores cannot be changed.  This gives more time to get some of the sections completed. Changing homework scores after test is given over that material will not be accepted; however, three of the lowest homework grades will be discarded.

Your homework average will comprise 33% of your overall grade.

Tests: Tests will be taken completely online.  They will also be timed (usually 2 hours, but no student has ever needed that long). At the end of the semester your lowest test grade may be dropped, excluding the final.

Your test average will comprise 67% of your overall grade.

Grading: Grading will be the 90-80-70-60 scale. Your final grade will be 33% homework average and 67% test average.


Required Materials and Activities:

Textbook: Michael Sullivan, College Algebra, Prentice Hall Publishing Company. You must purchase an access code at or a code from our bookstore.

Students that live together and are enrolled in this course may share a textbook and videos, but you will not be allowed to use your textbook and notes on your tests. 

You are also required to have a scientific calculator.  I prefer the TI 84 plus which is also the calculator the author of text has online videos about the usage of.

You are required to find an acceptable proctor.  Acceptable proctors include but not exclusively would be a professional educator such as teacher or administrator, librarian, or work supervisor.  An acceptable proctor is a non- relative who can be contacted on a random basis to check validity in online test scores.  I must have the proctors name and contact phone number prior to first exam for that score to count.  Also if proctor is contacted after exam has been administered and any negative information about the students honesty of taking his/her own exam is acquired from proctor then the test score is invalid and voided on that exam and student may be administratively withdrawn from course.  As far a tutoring our learning resource center has free tutoring available.  Contact LRC (learning resource center)  918-647-1316.  A tutor is not allowed to help on exams and cannot be your proctor as well.

Academic Integrity: Copying homework or cheating in any fashion is not tolerated. I will give zeros for homework that is not original. Students who are caught cheating on an exam or quiz will fail the course and their names will be submitted to the Office of Academic Affairs. Every student must have an approved proctor for testing. If you cannot find one, I will be glad to arrange one in your area.

Homework Questions: Asking questions on homework is a challenge in an online mathematics course. The greatest success in the past has come from students faxing questions to me and then I can fax solutions with explanations back. Emailing algebra questions can be complicated because of the difficulty in keying the math problems. You may visit me on campus if you want.

Special Requirements for This Course:

             Pop-up blockers must be turned off .

             Reliable Internet access

             You must find an acceptable tutor or use the LRC as your tutor.

             You must find an acceptable proctor for your tests.

•             Your proctor is the person that watches you while you are taking our exams.

•             I would suggest going to your local public school or public library and  
               take tests there and use an administrator,  teacher or certified librarian as 
               your proctor.

•             Your proctor should contact me via email.

             Your proctor needs to be available at the same times you are.

             If you work on campus for other courses or are relatively close to campus  
                  then you may use our LRC or library to proctor.
             I must approve any proctor.


CarlAlbert State College complies with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. Students withdisabilities who need special accommodations should make their request in the following way:

* Talk with your instructor after class about your disability or special needs related to work in class.


Poteau Campus

*      Complete the Request for Special Accommodations Form with the Student Disability Services Coordinator. Crissy Keeton 918-647-1319.

Sallisaw Campus

*      Complete the Request for Special Accommodations Form with the Assistant Student Disability Services Coordinator located in the Learning Resource Center in office SC 8025. Tamara Wright 918-775-2253.



*      Call or e-mail your instructor about your disability or special needs related to work in web courses.

*      Complete the Request for Special Accommodations Form with the Student Disability Services Coordinator. You may find information on our website under Student Affairs/Student Disability Services.


CASC Mission Statement

Carl Albert State College provides affordable and accessible educational experiences of exceptional quality which foster student success.

An Administrative Withdrawal (AW) may be assigned by the instructor or the Office of Academic Affairs to indicate that a student has been "involuntarily" withdrawn from class(es) after CASC’s Add/Drop Period for a special reason (i.e. disciplinary action, health issue, etc.). Administrative withdrawals are GPA neutral but do affect a student’s financial aid.